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Reasons to Buy a Leathaire Modular Sofa

Reasons to Buy a Leathaire Modular Sofa

What is the leathaire?

    Firstly, we need to know, what is the leathaire? Leathaire, sometimes is known as air leather. It’s composed of micro-perforated polyurethane. In other words, it is derived from the same chemicals and petroleum products that are used to create other synthetic materials. Unlike traditional textiles, like PVC leather, leathaire looks and feels like leather while being skin-friendly.


 Advantages of leathaire

    First of all, it’s a cost-effective fabric. Usually leather has a much higher price than the leathaire. Choosing a leathaire sofa would get nearly the same seating experience with less money. Moreover, could you sit on a sofa whose fabric is made of real animal skin peacefully? In order to make you feel comfortable, we tried to manufacture a sofa from skin-friendly fabric, which is the leathaire. Besides, it has great water and dust resistance, so you can clean it easily and could last a long period.



Advantages of leathaire modular sofa

    Well, the versatility of the leathaire modular sofa gives you more flexibility within the room in terms of the configuration you need for the best functionality. If you want, you can move the ottoman to be a single stool to sit on it. In addition, if you need an extra sleeping space for your guest, you could place the modules properly to make it as a sofa bed.  Due to this specialty, you can move every single module to meet your overall layout requirement.


    If you accidentally damage a regular sofa couch somewhere, you’ll have two choices--to put up with the defect or to buy a new sofa.  However, if it is a leathaire modular sofa, you won’t be in a dilemma. You just need to buy a new module to replace the broken one.


    It’s hard-hitting to move a normal sofa to somewhere else. However, a leathaire modular couch is easy to move anywhere, which will solve this problem for you. The leathaire modular sofa is easy to disassemble into single modules. In this way, you can put the modules into the boxes, then carry them easily.



 NOLANY Leathaire Modular Sofa



HONBAY Channeled Leathaire Modular Sofa



Cleaning and maintaining the leathaire sofa

    No matter which kind of sofa you buy, cleaning and maintaining are of vital importance. Here are some tips :

    Please note that the sofa's leathaire is not machine washable, as it is a kind of nano-sealing glue technology. The washing machine may destroy the sealing glue on the surface of the leathaire fabric and ruin the sofa.The washing method of the leathaire sofa should be dry cleaning to prevent deformation of the tissue. Please do not try to bleach it .


    If you accidentally drop your beverage on the sofa, please wipe it with a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda. Please use a dry cloth to wipe the wet surface after cleaning it. If wrinkles appear, please iron it with a steam iron at a temperature between 70° and 80°.


    The Sofa's leathaire should be vacuumed at least once a week, paying particular attention to removing dust between fabric folds. Please gently pat and tidy the cushions and backrests of the sofa frequently to keep them beautiful.

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