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About Us

HONBAY was founded in 2018 by a former apprentice of a leading sofa manufacturer on a mission to change our relationship with our sofas. Rather than being a much treasured but often heavy burden that people felt obliged to commit to (sometimes for more extended periods than a relationship!). he thought - why can't we change our sofas like we do our seasonal wardrobes? As time passes. so do our tastes and the wants and needs of our living space, so why should we be suppressed by a sofa instead of being set free?
And so, he set out on a mission to break the monopoly of furniture shops, often charging exorbitant prices to sell sofas directly to customers on the internet. He designed sofas of exceptional quality in stylish designs that could be configured to each customer's wants and needs,customized to fit their living space and transported easily and inexpensively into their homes. HONBAY was born.
Today, HONBAY is considered the home of the modular and sectional sofa; seats have been added to the range, as have inbuilt storage solutions to transform our living space even further. With filed patents to protect the convenience of our designs and thousands of content customers giving us 5* ratings, our products are constructed to enhance the small moments of everyday life, transform them and enhance living. With an R&D core we continue to explore how to adapt our products to the needs of our customers and aim to expand and further simplify living. After all, we strive to create a space. where detail quality and practicality matter. Where people come together and celebrate the little things like match day or movie night. Where you can circle around for dinner with just as much ease as taking a nap. Where you can pack up and move, with the same effortlessness as unpacking our products.